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CHEM 261
Paul Lahti

Chapter 3 Organic Compounds Alkanes and Their Stereochemistry 31 Functional Groups Alkanes are relatively unreactive and not often involved in chemical reactions but they nevertheless provide a useful vehicle for introducing some important general ideas Functional Group Structural features that make it possible to classify compounds into families A group of atoms within a molecule that has a characteristic chemical behavior Alkenes alkynes and arenes aromatic compounds are all contain carboncarbon multiple bonds Alkenes have a double bond alkynes have a triple bond and arenes have alternating double bond and single bonds in a sixmembered ring of carbon atoms 32 Alkanes and Alkane Isomers Alkanes Compounds of carbon and hydrogen that contains only single bonds Often described as saturated hydrocarbons Hydrocarbons because they contain only carbon and hydrogen Saturated because they only have CC and CH single bonds and thus contain the maximum possible number of hydrocarbons per carbon They also have the general formula CnH2n2 where n is an integer Occasionally called aliphatic compounds meaning fat StraightChain Alkanes Compounds whose carbons are all connected in a row also known as normal alkanes BranchChain Alkanes Compounds whose carbon chains branch Ex 2methylpropane isobutane 2methylbutane and 22dimethylpropane Isomers Compounds that have the same numbers and kinds of atoms but differ in the way the atoms are arranged Constitutional Isomers Compounds like butane and isobutane whose atoms are connected differe
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