Chapter 1: Moral Reasoning in Bioethics

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Heidi Buetow

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September 5th Chapter 1 Moral Reasoning in Bioethics Moralitybeliefs regarding morally right and wrong actions and morally good and bad peopleEthicsstudy of morality using toolsmethods of philosophyDescriptive ethicsuses the methodology of science o Studies actual beliefs behaviors and practices that constitute to moral experience o What moral beliefs do they have Why does people believe themNormative ethicssearch for moral standards or norms o What moral principles should inform our moral judgment Are there any exceptions to the moral principle do not killMetaethicsthe meaning of basic moral beliefs o Goes much deeper than normative ethics o Moral objectivismthere is such thing as moral truth and it doesnt depend on what people think or believe about it o Moral skepticismthere is no objective moral truthApplied ethicsuse of moral norms to resolve practical moral issues o Largest subfield of bioethics o what should I do in this particular situationBioethicsapplied ethics focused on medicine aka biomedical ethics o Is abortion morally correct Should embryos be used in research
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