Chapter Eight: Continued

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Psychology & Brain Sciences
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Lori Astheimer Best

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Developmental Psychology Chapter Eight: Continued Spatial relationships: Infants rely on the positions of their own bodies in space to locate objects. They seek to have some way of representing how far apart objects are from each other, or how far apart an object is from a boundary in terms of metric length.  geometric cues, such as the shape of a room, can also help young children to orient themselves in space.  overall, babies have several ways to locate objects in space, referencing their own bodies, using landmarks, and employing distance and geometric cues. These skills improve when the infant begins to crawl and move about the environment. Attention: Allows the individual to focused on a selected aspect of the environment t, often in preparation for learning or problem solving.  first step in cognitive processing and is viewed as a critical phase Attention span: As the child ages, their attention span increases. This is because of the maturation of the central nervous system, also increasing complexity of the child's interest. Controlling attention: Children increasingly deploy their attention effectively, such as when they are comparing two stimuli.  brain scans show that areas of the prefrontal cortex that are involved in arousal and attention show rapid improvements in organization and efficiency between four and seven months of age. ADHD - pattern of impulsively, high levels of motor activity, and attention problems. Results in,  poor school achievement.  behavior management problems.  poor peer relationships. 
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