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Chapter Essay example of a book I read

UWW 397CM Chapter Essay example of a book I read: Analysis of a fictional account UWW 397 CM

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Essay example of a book I read

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Push 1
Analysis of a fictional account
Push By: Sapphire
UWW 397 CM
Professor Lisa Fontes

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Push 2
Hannah Dasari
Professor Lisa Fontes
UWW 397 CM
July 5, 2017
The novel which I read throughout this semester in this course would be “Push” by
Sapphire. This novel is based on a young African American woman being physically abused by
both her mother and father. She was a bold woman of bravery and heart who had to battle
between both lives at home and in school. In this essay you will learn about the simple
challenges she had been through and what kind of problems she went through to overcome all
her fears. Precious Jones learned that in life there is a way to fight off all problems yet, behind
that originality that she held there was a weakness hidden inside of her. There were times where
it was hard looking back and she didn’t want to face reality because of her horrid past. Precious
had two children being impregnated by her own father knowing that what he did was wrong.
There was no one that helped her and she didn’t get the love provided by her parents. We learn
that she goes through a difficult phase in her life having to raise up two kids and go to school at
the same time. Precious goes through an expedition of education and writes in her journal for the
first time expressing her feelings towards her past & present life experiences.

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Push 3
Precious: Full of Life
Identify the Child
In this book the main character whom I will be talking about would be a young woman
named Claireece Precious Jones. This character mostly goes by the name Precious. She was
sexually abused by both of her parents at a very young age from her early childhood years until
her teenage years. Basically around ages 8-17 years old but, then attended school later on and
the father of her passing at that time stopped the abuse. Precious is a young independent African
American female woman and belongs to a middle class family who lived with her mother and
her two children all her life. Precious was the only child who was sexually and physically
abused in the family household. Precious lived in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City
with her unemployed mother Mary. Her father was Carl Kenwood Jones who lived with them
for a couple of years when Precious was at a younger age until her middle years of age.
Characteristics of Maltreatment
The type of maltreatment which Precious went through in the full novel would be of
neglect, physical, sexual, and psychological abuse. Precious never had love given to her in life.
Her mother and father never gave their love to their child yet, they abused her all her life.
Precious was neglected so much by her mother by name calling her with bad words and calling
her a slut for sleeping with her own father. The mother would speak badly of her because she
always thought that her own daughter stole her husband from her but, in reality she didn’t.
Precious’s father would force the abuse on his own daughter instead. The form of neglect is
stated saying, “Mama call me slut, Holler ‘n shout on me all day like she did the last time. Slut!
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