TopBike Ordering and Sales - Case

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Information Technology
IT 461L
Peng Xu

Case: TopBike Introduction TopBike is a big bicycle shop which is undergoing significant expansion. You are hired to develop a computer information system for it. TopBike Ordering and Sales: current system Introduction TopBike is a bicycleshop and showroom with a large range, from children’s bikes to large mopeds and a wide range of accessories like childseats, helmets, clothes and tools. Theysellthese goods ‘off the shelf’to customers and also make up custom built bikes to customers’ requirements. Customers can be either individuals or other bike shops. Bike shop customers willreceive up to 15% discount when they purchase bikes/parts from TopBike. Currently all orders are handled by people and papers. Individualcustomers mayget coupons from time to time. However, coupons can not be used together. TopBike wants to build a website for customers to search products’ information (price, availability, etc.) and place order online. Individualcustomers (usuallylocal) can reserve bikes or parts online. They can either pick them up at the store later themselves or ask for a deliveryservice (fees willbe charges); Customers can also callthe store to order; or theycan make the purchase at the store. Customers who place orders onlinecan make payment when they pick up their orders at the store. Anyunpaid onlineorder willbe cancelled after 20 business days. The orders placed bybike shops willbe delivered. If not enough items are availablefor an order, after confirmed bythe customer, the order is labeled as a back order. The missingitems willbe ordered for the customer. When the items come, the cust
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