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CHEM 2121
Nicholas Frost

Chapter 0 Book NotesThe Analytical ProcessLast century humans greatly changed Earths atmosphere compositionoCharles David Keeling measured atmospheric CO quantitative chemical 2analysisanalytical process01 Charles David Keeling and the Measurement of Atmospheric CO2Charles David Keeling 19282005 grew up near Chicago in Great DepressionoInvestment banker father interested in astronomy5 yr oldoMother lifelong love of musicoNot predominantly interested in science but took all science in high school including wartime aeronautic courseaerodynamics and meteorologyo1945 enrolled in summer sessionU of I before drafted in armyoWWII ends that summer continuedU of I chemistryGraduated 1948 Prof Malcolm Dole Northwestern U knew Keeling as precocious child offers chemistry graduate fellowshipoLab day 2 MD taught CDK how to make careful measurements w analytical balanceoCDK went on polymer chemistry even though not much attracted to polymerschemistryNeeded nonchem minor to finish gradoCDK interested in Glacial Geology and the Pleistocene Epochodid most of undergrad geology curriculumointerrupted research 2x to hike and climb mountains1953 PhD polymer chemists in demand for new plastics industry high paying CDK had many job offers from East USA but more interested in geology and outdoors lower payingstoCDK sought postdoc position as geology department chemist in West 1 postdoc fellow in new Department of Geochemistry in Harrison Browns laboratoryCaltech Pasadena CABrown showed applying chem to geologyoex estimate amt carbonate in surface water by assuming waterin eqbm w limestone CaCO and atmospheric carbon dioxide3oCDK tested this idea design apparatus for this do it outdoorsCDK builds vacuum system to isolate CO from airacidified water2oliquid nitrogen recently became available commercially CO in air trapped as 2solid in vacuumobuilt manometer measures gaseous CO confines gas in known V P and T2oprecise reproducible measurement to 01 as goodbetter than other CO2measuring proceduresField experimentBig Sur rich in calcite CaCO whichin contact w groundwater3
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