MUS 1013 Chapter 1: Chapter 1

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28 Jan 2019

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Chapter 1
Friday, January 25, 2019
11:19 AM
Rock Music:
Rock era - 50's to present
o Pop rock, rock musicals, country rock, jazz rock
Offshoots include reggae, disco, eighties pop
o Music by mostly white musicians
Beat: the aspect of music that makes you want to move
Can be a measure of time
A rhythmic foundation of style
Or interaction of rhythms with time
Rhythm: measure of time in equal increments
Tempo: speed of the beat
Measured in beats per minute (bpm)
Tempo for rock music is typically 110 to 140
Measure/bar: consistent grouping of beats
Eight-beat rhythm = rock beat/rock rhythm
Defining feature of rock
Backbeat: sharp, percussive sound on the second of each pair of beats (snare hit)
Syncopation: rhythm or accent that does not line up in an expected way with the
beat or other regular rhythm
What makes up the rock band?
Two electric guitars
o Lead
o Rhythm
o Electric bass eventually replaced by acoustic
Riffs: melodic idea
Short - typically no more than six or seven notes
Separated - either by silence or by a long note
Syncopated - isn't essential to rock-era music, but it is customary
Form of a Core Rock Song
Verse - opening section. Primary function is to relate the listener to a story.
Bridge - transition from verse to chorus, typically more active and building
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