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Retail Merchandising
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Hyunjoo Im

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Chapter two terms: 1. NAICS: collect data on business activity in each country 2. Variety: # of merchandise categories a retailer offers 3. Assortment: # of different items offered in a merchandise category 4. Breadth of merchandise: also known as variety 5. Depth of merchandise: also know as assortment 6. Stock keeping unite (sku): each different item of merchandise 7. Conventional supermarket: a large, self service retail food store offering groceries, meat, and produce, as well as some nonfood items, such as health and beauty aids and general merchandise 8. Limited assortment supermarkets: only stock about 2000 sku’s 9. Power perimeter: fresh-merchandise categories are the areas around outer walls of supermarket 10.Fresh supermarkets: smaller and more convenient than traditional supermarkets and have less space devoted to packaged goods 11.Fair trade: the practice of purchasing from factories that pay workers a living wage 12.Big-box: large, limited service
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