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Dramatic Art
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Drama Reading Notes: Intro To Drama 1-30 1. Great Ages of Drama a. Egyptian Drama i. The Abydos Passion Play: performed annually between 2500-500 BCE ii. Heb-Seb: performed 13 year of a pharaoh’s reign and every 3 year following to celebrate the pharaoh and wellness of the land iii. Egyptians may have invented drama b. Greek Drama i. Theater used to interpret their relationships with their gods ii. Created comedy c. Roman Drama i. Roman public enjoyed farces and relatively coarse humor d. Medieval Drama i. Church’s power and influence grew ii. European drama reborn iii. “Mystery Plays’: called this because how they were written was a “mystery” to the average person iv. Plays based off Bible stories v. Morality plays 1. Used to touch on larger contemporary issues with moral overtone e. Renaissance Drama i. Introduced music to drama 1. Modern opera ii. Commedia Dell’arte 1. Improvisational slapstick comedy iii. Shakespeare iv. Masque 1. Aristocratic entertainment with music, dance, and costuming v. Plays based off history vi. Theaters flourishing in Spain 1. Lope de Vega (1562-1635) f. Late 17 and 18 Century Drama i. Puritan reign in England (1642-1660) 1. Theaters closed ii. Restoration 1660 1. New theaters (indoors) 2. Women joined plays iii. Aphra Behn st 1. 1 English professional play write 2. Kabuki Theaters in Japan featuring puppets th th g. 19 Century Drama – Turn of the 20 Century i. Audiences w
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