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Reading Notes (Give Me Liberty 586-616) 1. January 12,1865 a. General William T. Sherman and Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton meet with 20 leaders of city’s (Savannah) black leaders 2. January 16, 1865 a. Special Field Order No. 15 issued by Sherman i. Set aside area along South Carolina and Georgia coasts for settlement of black families ii. Families given 40 acres and a mule iii. Land known as Sherman’s Land 3. March 1865 a. Freedmen’s Bureau established by Congress to establish a working free labor system i. Lasted from 1865-1870 4. Summer 1865 a. President Andrew Johnson orders almost all land in federal possession to be given back to former owners (including Sherman’s Land) 5. Reconstruction saw creation of first black colleges: Fisk University, Hampton Institute, Howard University 6. Within 2 years of slavery’s end former slaves were given the right to vote 7. Most prominent Radical’s in Congress (1865) Charles Sumner (Massachusetts) and Thaddeus
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