SOC 110 Chapter 9: POPULATION

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University of North Dakota
SOC 110
Ashley Leschyshyn

POPULATION profile of the US population we are the 3rd large322 million people our population is increasing bcs of immigration 439 million Migration and diversity factors impacting population changes: migration immigration emigration motives for migration: push factors….religious persecution, inequality pull factors….pull people into a different population, e.g. equality, american dream, move to family. “new immigration” and diversity 1850-1920 most immigrants came from northern and southern europeans 100 years ago europeans were 90% of immigrants majority of immigration population is coming from latin america and asia US annually accepts1 million immigrants legally unauthorized=2.9 million 12.9% of current us residents are foreign born Naturalisation: admitted as a citizen of the US 44% of foreign born population dual citizenship requirements: 1. 18 years old 2. continuously resided in US for 5 years 3. ability to read, write and speak english 4. person of good moral character 5. pass US gov history test naturalisation test: 10/100 questions questions read in english must be answered in english 6 of the 10 questions must be answered correctly What does it mean to be american? americanness… 1. melting pot ….u become an american, not a mix of cultures. 2. assimilation “americanization” 3. derived from ethnocentrism , americanising someone as apposed to letting the mix of cultures thrive Population Dynamics: demography …changes in births, deaths,
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