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Chapter 2

MAR4400 Chapter 2: MAR4400 Chapter : Marketing Professional Selling Module 2

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Ben Hippeli

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Marketing Professional Selling Module 2
Building Trust and Sales Ethics
o Trust refers to the degree to which one person can rely on another when the former is
dependent on the latter
Why is Trust Important?
o Fundamental competitive strategy of a growing number of organizations is to build long-
term mutually beneficial relationships with their customers
Essential to the success of that strategy
Components of Trust
o Expertise the extent to which a salesperson possess relevant knowledge and capability
o Dependability the extent to which a salesperson consistently and predictably follows
through on commitments he/she makes to others.
o Candor the extent to which a salesperson is honest and upfront with others, especially
with regard to issues/factors that may impact those others
o Customer Oriented the extent to which a salesperson values and protects the interests
of his or her customers
o Compatibility the extent to which a salesperson’s behaviors, actions, and personalities
are consistent with and/or appreciated by his/her customers
Knowledge Bases
o Industry, company, product, price, promotion, service, market, customer, competitor,
Industry Knowledge
Develop and execute effective selling strategies
Be viewed as a market information resource
Knowledge need - the dynamics, structure, culture, and forces that
affect the industry or industries in which they work
Company Knowledge
Effectively and accurately represent the company when interacting with
its prospective and current customers
Knowledge need understand their company’s culture, mission, goals,
policies, and procedures so that they may
Product Knowledge
Be perceived as experts and capable of accurately matching solutions to
the needs of the customer
Knowledge need a thorough understanding of their product offering(s)
and various sources of value it (they) provide
Promotion and Price Knowledge
Facilitate their customersparticipation in promotional programs
Effectively negotiate terms
Knowledge Need understand the details of, and how to manage,
promotional programs and the pricing structure of their products
Service Knowledge
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