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UDFASH218Karen CiatiSpring

FASH218 Chapter Notes - Chapter Ch. 1: List Of Fables Characters

OC8483596 Page
22 Mar 2016
Describe the theory of fashion cycles and explain why it accelerated in the 20th century? theory of fashion cycles states that fashion comes in and out
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UDNTDT200Mary Ann EastepFall

NTDT200 Chapter Notes -Starch, Scientific Method, Oxaloacetic Acid

OC20733335 Page
2 Nov 2013
Nutrition- the science of nutrients in foods and their actions within the body; the study of human behaviors related to food & eating. Foods- products
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UDSOCI201Perez VictorSpring

SOCI201 Chapter Notes - Chapter Overdressed: Fast Fashion, World War I, Georg Simmel

OC5138334 Page
19 Sep 2016
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UDACCT207Langdon GeoffFall

ACCT207 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-5: Financial Accounting Standards Board, Accounts Payable, Current Liability

OC8600956 Page
10 Dec 2016
Sarbanes-oxley act (sox)- reduces unethical corporate behavior; clarifies accuracy of financial information and penalizes fraudulent financial activity
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UDCOMM245Young DannagalWinter

COMM245 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6: Motion Picture Patents Company, Movie Projector, Patent Infringement

Cassidy O'Lear4 Page
24 Jan 2017
Edison premiered his 1st theater projector, the vitascope, in 1896) The trust: motion picture patents company: founded by edison to control the movie e
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UDPOSC150Wolfe AngelaSpring

POSC150 Chapter Notes - Chapter 14: National Voter Registration Act Of 1993, Electoral College, Asteroid Family

OC8460898 Page
16 Mar 2016
The founders intentions: president elected by electoral college not by people, house of representatives elected popularly, senate and executive elected
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UDPSYC314Roth EricFall

PSYC314 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-3: Inhibitory Postsynaptic Potential, Myelin, Axon Terminal

OC87880326 Page
28 Sep 2016
A belief in the dual nature of reality mind and body are separate the body is made of ordinary matter, the mind is not. A belief that everything in the
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UDACCT208Dragone DebraSpring

ACCT208 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Financial Statement, Income Statement, European Cooperation In Science And Technology

OC156205011 Page
21 Feb 2017
Chapter 2: cost concepts and relevant income statements - accounting 208. Has several different meanings: cost objects direct and indirect costs, gaap
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UDCOMM245Young DannagalWinter

COMM245 Chapter Notes - Chapter 15: Great Moon Hoax, Janet Cooke, Understanding Media

Cassidy O'Lear3 Page
30 Jan 2017
Ethics: study of guidelines that help people determine right from wrong in their voluntary conduct. Some early media behavior wasn"t controversial in i
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UDFINC412Infanti MartinFall

FINC412 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7: Sinking Fund, Debenture, United States Treasury Security

OC14457403 Page
8 Oct 2017
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UDCOMM245Young DannagalWinter

COMM245 Chapter Notes - Chapter 11: Video On Demand, Google News, News Values

Cassidy O'Lear3 Page
24 Jan 2017
Newsreels: short films dealing with current events, shown in movie theaters prior to tv"s advent. Residual news: stories about events that are recurren
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UDPSYC100Quinn PaulSpring

PSYC100 Chapter 2: Research in Psychology

Cassidy O'Lear5 Page
8 Feb 2017
Hypothesis: a specific, testable proposition about something psychologists want to study; precise, clearly worded statement about what researchers thin
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