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UFCHM 2045GowerFall

CHM 2045 Chapter Notes -Cathode Ray, Ionic Bonding, Phlogiston Theory

OC33816539 Page
20 Oct 2014
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UFPSY 3213LkilimenkoFall

PSY 3213L Chapter Notes - Chapter 4-14: Null Hypothesis, Confounding, Observer-Expectancy Effect

OC212991105 Page
14 Nov 2013
Exploratory data collection and anaylsis : is aimed at classifying behaviors, identifying potentially important variables, identifying relationships be
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UFAMH 2010Jeffrey AdlerFall

AMH 2010 Chapter Notes -King James Version, Pequot War, Anne Hutchinson

OC2131169 Page
15 Nov 2013
Settling the northern colonies: the protestant reformation produces puritanism, 1517, martin luther started the protestant reformation when he nailed h
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UFMMC 2604Mariam AlkazemiFall

Chapter 2 Notes: The Internet, Digital Media and Media Convergence

OC2037786 Page
23 Oct 2013
The evolution of the internet: the birth of the internet. The internet originated as a military-government project. The original internet-called arpane
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UFMMC 2604Mariam AlkazemiSummer

MMC 2604 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Johannes Gutenberg, Mass Communication, Personal Taste

OC2037784 Page
23 Oct 2013
Digital: mass communication: the process of designing cultural messages and stories and delivering them to large and diverse audiences through media ch
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UFPSY 2012Nicole DoreySpring

PSY 2012 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Vibraphone, Scientific Theory, Belief Perseverance

OC2496503 Page
13 Feb 2014
Science versus intuition: william james founder of american psychology, psychology and levels of analysis. Psychology: the scientific study of the mind
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UFAMH 2020AllFall

AMH 2020 Chapter Notes -Pragmatism, Damin, Hooverville

OC3027219 Page
5 Sep 2014
Teddy roosevelt considered his office as a platform to promote his programs from which he could rally public opinion. A society of small business w/ go
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UFADV 3008Weigold MikeSummer

ADV 3008 Chapter Notes - Chapter 10, 11, 12, 15, 16, 17: Iden, Interactive Television, Web 2.0

OC54967518 Page
7 Dec 2015
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UFCHM 2046GowerSpring

CHM 2046 Chapter Notes -Nitric Acid, Potassium Bromide, Base Pair

OC33816528 Page
20 Oct 2014
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UFMMC 2604Mariam AlkazemiFall

MMC 2604 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6: Block Booking, Railways Act 1921, The Documentary

OC2037786 Page
23 Oct 2013
Chapter 6 notes: early technology and the evolution of movies, the development of film. The concept of film goes back as early as leonardo davinci. Tha
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UFPSY 2012Nicole DoreyFall

PSY 2012 Chapter Notes - Chapter 9: Abstraction, Gullibility, Stereotype Threat

OC6451049 Page
8 Dec 2015
Module 9 notes: psychometrics- measurement of the mind, intelligence, other mental processes. How well people do on standardized tests: intelligence de
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UFSOP 3004Dr.James A.ShepperdFall

SOP 3004 Chapter 1: Lecture & Textbook

OC60195217 Page
4 Oct 2015
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