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UVASTAT 2120Amber TomasSpring

STAT 2120 Chapter all: Stat Exam Preps

OC90850628 Page
14 Apr 2016
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UVAAPMA 2120Mike MohajeriFall

APMA 2120 Chapter Notes - Chapter 12: Product Rule, Standard Basis, Unit Vector

OC30906810 Page
25 Sep 2014
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UVAMDST 2000Williams BruceFall

MDST 2000 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-4,7: Press Pool, Complete Control, Interpersonal Communication

OC91962623 Page
1 Jun 2016
Transmission model- communication as the movement of info from a sender through a medium to a receiver. Highlights importance of accuracy and distortio
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UVAPSYC 2200Hill DavidFall

PSYC 2200 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3-6: Dorsal Root Ganglion, Posterior Grey Column, Cerebral Cortex

OC10481907 Page
14 Jul 2016
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UVAECON 3030Carter DoyleFall

ECON 3030 Chapter 3: Chapter 3: Money

Vaidehi Shah1 Page
13 Sep 2016
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UVASOC 3470Blumberg RaeFall

SOC 3470 Chapter 2-3: The No-nonsense Guide to International Development: Ch 2-3

OC11329253 Page
8 Sep 2016
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UVAECON 2010Elzinga KennethFall

ECON 2010 Chapter Notes - Chapter 19, 11-15: Alcoa, Demand Curve, Marginal Cost

OC91962621 Page
1 Jun 2016
People do what they do b/c it"s in their self-interest (rationality, not greed) people prefer more than less. Two things determine what people do: util
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UVAECON 3030Zachary BethuneSpring

ECON 3030 Chapter Notes - Chapter 9-15: Federal Home Loan Banks, Federal Funds Rate, Secured Loan

OC173656847 Page
7 May 2017
They then use these funds to acquire assets such as securities and loans. They include all accounts on which checks can be drawn: the share of checkabl
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UVABIOL 2100Kittlesen DavidFall

BIOL 2100 Chapter Notes - Chapter 14: Chorionic Villus Sampling, Fetus, Epistasis

OC10926593 Page
13 Oct 2016
14. 1 mendel used the scientific approach to identify 2 laws of inheritance. Character - hereditable feature that varies among individuals (flower colo
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UVACOMM 1800Kemp BobSpring

COMM 1800 Chapter Notes - Chapter 12-19: Pizza Hut, Statistical Process Control, Enterprise Resource Planning

OC104819022 Page
14 Jul 2016
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UVAECON 3030Carter DoyleFall

ECON 3030 Chapter 1: Why study money, banking and financial markets? (#1)

Vaidehi Shah1 Page
8 Sep 2016
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UVACOMM 1800Robert KempFall

COMM 1800 Chapter Notes - Chapter 12: Cash Cow, Craigslist, Competitor Analysis

OC11393394 Page
22 Dec 2016
October 27, 2016: understand the nature of marketing, the marketing function. Primary marketing data: created to answer the marketing question. Social
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