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Chapter 1-27

HIST 111 Chapter 1-27: History 101

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History 101
America nationalism-
History is tricks we play on the dead
What the point of having history of changing of the point
E kievans- the interpreted reconstruction socially surfaces pasted activity
The geographic school- people who belong to this school they see geography as the most important part
Priorot to the s if you did’t like ayoe you just paked your ag ad headed est. The
government probe gor involved in the Spanish war because it was a reason to get Americans minds off
the frontier
The great person school- history as a series of biography
The great idea school would look at ideas instead of individuals
American nationalism-
1. Separate nation state completely separated from Great Britain. The constitution is give it
identity. Another war is fought to maintain the identity of the nation
2. Lower case L liberals- the main point was the defense of individual rights. A division of power
was absolutely right to defend individual rights.
3. Small r rublicanism most American studies government of world and was the best government
available at the time. The people should be bale to choose their leaders and replace their
leaders if they’re ot doing their job
Protestant Christianity
The American were afraid that alcoholics were to be loyal to the pope not the government
Anglo sacloism
Had to be prostitute to be the best American
Had to be whites
Had to be British
Non-whites will not be capable to be a good voter or American
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The Civil war was fought on slavery
Trends in American history
The united states used to be a rural country decade the 1860s limited industrialization or movement to
That changes when the civil war happened need for more goods makes the USA change to northern
industrialization begins and continues
The 1860s the production of textile increases a 1000%
The most noticeable the USA became rhea largest producer of iron and steel if it was going to be the
best super power
The uer & outries put together ould’t produe as uh as the usanand the quality was
better than everyone else
Urbanization need to have ppl live closer to thru new factories the number and individual cities
Gradually increases levels of education of the mamericans and 1860 before had mostly preschool
Post war people graduated from college and high school more
Tramacric improvements on transportation which helps ppl move to cities better
Post-civil war had railroads beeinv built in 1869 and rapidly built railroads
Automobiles are gradually introduced into the Americans
The prie of ars dropped so uh afterpst  ad the USA ould’t keep up ith the dead of
After WWII airlines became a thing and jet technology and a huge pool of pilots
Sub dividing air mail
Dramatic increase in communicatiom development of telegraph improve the communcatiom and the
intro f the telephone and other thing like the computer and satellites and radio and media national
networks listen to news and entertainemrn at the same time as other Americans post WWII
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Biggest problem how does you egated a surreder ith a goeret you do’t ee reogize as a
government. What do you with the 4 million slaves
650k dead 31 million ppl of the USA and 2% of the 100k or more are injured
Spanish American 460 American troops died less than 500 troops
WW1 112000 deaths for the USA and only half are combat others are accident or sickness
Germany lost 2 million deaths and Russia 1.5 million
WWII 320k dead and 800k injured
Korean 34000 dead 100000 injured
Vietnam 57000 deaths and 300000 injures
2 billion dollars of war bonds are wiped out
Social system is a chaos
Freed salves can now travel without passports or papers
Race revolution attempt by racial government by the northern government
An exempt into freed men onto feeling freed
Political reconstruction
A lot of major questions
States right verses federal powers
Who’s going to be in charge of reconstruction
How quickly will reconstruction start
Northern democrats want to get the south into the union as quickly as possible and republicans are
divided into 3 different groups. The republicans fear the same leaders that led the south out of the
union will rise up and lead them to it again
Conservative they want mild reconstruction they demand accepted to free slaves
Radical republican they want it to be as long as possible and as painful as possible they want to take
aay the politial leader’s rights ad take aay the leaders lad they at seere puishet to the
south they want guarantees of the black rights for political rights
Moderate repulia they do’t at the south to get off as easy as the oderates at the to ut
are in the middle
Race revolution ambition polication of September 1862resident Lincoln only to go into effect 1/1/1863
all slaves will be considered freed only in confederate controlled land. Major victory in September 1862
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