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Chapter 1

ANTH 2108 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Westernization, Histology, Possilpark

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ANTH 2108
Meena Khandelwal

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Dislocating Cultures: Contesting Cultures (Ch.1)
Being Third world feminist means you have to explain yourself
o Eales us to see ho ee shaped  otet
Author admits thought she was born in India, spent past 8 years in USA
Means she may be considered less of a thid old feiist
than those who never left India
o Assuages her worries by saying as woman of color in US
she uses third world feminism in broad sense
She wishes to speak for 3 important reasons
o Significant part of sensibilities and political view shaped by the Third World
Spent first 1/3 of life in Third World countries
o Argue that ways in which concerns of Third World feminists rooted in response
to national context
Not just weak emulation of western views
o There are links between who she and what she knows
Attept to aout fo liks ad assuptios
Speech and Silence in the Mother Tongue
Tede to ast feiis as apig of esteized politial agedas=ooplae i
3rd World
o Problematic to assume feminism=product of West bourgeois
Pitue of ultual diffeees etee West ad rd World
o Constructed in colonial times
Marked by interesting peculiarities
Cultural values=idealized structures pervading govt and social life
o Western POV see self as committed to values like liberty
and equality
Mak of supeioit ->ignores slavery
o Some Indian nationalists say culture saw women as
But at very least ignores that poor and low
caste=seen as far from divine
Totalizations: Pictures that cast values and practices of specific group (privileged) within
community as values of culture as a whole
o E: Idia Cultue ofte euated ith high aste Hidu ultue
Ignores religious diversity of region
B/c majority of leadership came from high caste
Detrimental practical consequences in way many political struggles in
Indian nationalism constructed
Colonized cultures often painted as victims of static past
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