PHIL 2429 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Jus Ad Bellum, Noble Eightfold Path, Economic Sanctions

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25 Dec 2016
War, Torture, and Terrorism
Frowe, Chapter 3 Reading Notes
Chapter 3: The Conditions of Jus Ad Bellum
Jus ad bellum whether or not one has a just cause for going to war: whether its
morally permissible
7 conditions for a war to be just:
o 1 just cause
o 2. Proportionality
o 3. A reasonable Chance of Success
o 4. Legitimate Authority
o 5. Right Intention
o 6. Last Resort
o 7. Public Declaration of War
Just Cause:
o Allows one to have a just cause for war but lack an overall just cause for war
Ex. A state violates international agreement so it warrants military
intervention, but if diplomatic efforts have a chance of resolving then its
o Defied: A ilitary act that iolates a state’s sovereignty
o Sovereignty have the political and territorial integrity of a state
o Aggression Violations of sovereignty
o A state can have a just cause for war either if it is about to suffer an appropriate
wrong or if the appropriate wrong has already occurred
o Problems with proportionality is that we ca’t calculate whether a war is
Wo’t know the amount of damage that will or o’t be caused
o Another problem is how to go about identifying and weighing the goods and
harms that are to be balanced
A Reasonable Chance of Success
o If a state is invaded with an overwhelming level of force that it cannot match, it
must surrender rather than fight
o Reason being, leaders of a state send their military to fight
Permissible to order troops to fight wars they have a chance of winning
Nor permissible to send them to be slaughtered
o Even if the army volunteers to fight, they risk both the civilians on the just and
unjust side and that needs to be considered
Legitimate Authority
o War is only just if it is fought by an appropriate and legitimate body
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