PHIL 2429 Chapter Notes - Chapter 0: Jus Ad Bellum, Just War Theory

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25 Dec 2016
War, Torture, and Terrorism
Davidovic, Reading Notes
Are Humanitarian Military Interventions Obligatory?
Huaitaria ilitary iteretios HMI’s a e obligatory
HMI’s are foreful reatios to irustaes he the iolatio of hua rights ithi
a set of boundaries is so terrible that it makes talk of community or self-determination
seem irrelevant; i.e. enslavement or massacre
Just War Theory and Humanitarian Military Interventions
Jus ad bellum is when it is just to enter war
Jus in bello is when a war is being fought justly
Just to enter if there is lawful authority, just cause, right intentions, proportionality,
reasonable chance of success, and if it is the last resort
o Separately necessary, but jointly sufficient
Just Cause: intervention only be done in the case of systemic, mass denial of life and
Lawful Authority: international body or appropriate legal body to approve the war
Reasonable Chance of Success: nation or group must not intervene if there is no
reasonable possibility that the crisis will be diminished as a result of the intervention
Last Resort: Just only if all other paths of dealing with it have been exhausted
Proportionality: need to have a proportional reaction to an aggression or conflict
Right Intentions: the alleviation of human suffering and halting of widespread atrocities
o Humanitarian intent must be primary for intentions to be right
Sovereignty is essential to civilization those ho say that it’s a higher moral realm than
the preservation of human lives never justify HMIs
If we consider sovereignty and self-determination as notions that have moral worth as
abstract principles, then an intervention cannot be justified
o But they’re ot astrat ters – they have a moral value in reference to the
people they serve and the rights they protect basic human rights
HMIs are an act of preservation of the basic foundations of sovereignty and self-
determination life and liberty
Set of intentions are right if and only if the removal of all intentions other than
humanitarian ones would not be sufficient to stop a nation form intervening
o Just because humanitarian itet is priary does’t ea there a’t be other
intentions too
o If the intentions are humanitarian, then it is most likely that the war will be
fought with respect for human life and alleviate suffering
Permissibility Implies Obligation
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