PHIL 2429 Chapter Notes - Chapter 0: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Essity, Cognitive Dissonance

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25 Dec 2016
Moral Predators: The Duty to Employ Uninhabited Aerial Vehicles
Bradley Jay Strawser
Abstract: have a duty to protect an agent engaged in a justified act from harm to the
geatest etet possile so log as it doest iteefee it the agets ailit to at
o Thus were obligated ot emply UAV weapon system
o If action is wrong without UAV then it is with
Remote Weapons are Ethically Obligatory
Referencing UAVs that are under human control for lethal action
Sas UAV eploet ist ol ethiall peissile ut oligato
Claim rests upon the principle of unnecessary risk (PUR)
o If X gives Y an order to accomplish good goal g, then X has an obligation, other
thins beign equal, to chose a means to acoomplish G that does not iolate the
demands of justice, make the world worse, or expose Y to potentially lethal risk
unless incurring such risk aids in the accomplishment of G in some way that
acannot be gained via less risk y means
o Its wrong to command someon to take unnecessary lethal risk to carry out a just
action for some good
o A potentially lethal risk must be justified, without it it is morally impermissible
o PUR says that no more risk than is required for the accomplishmet of G is
ordered by X to be incurred by Y
Says that here can be stronger forms of PUR that say that there is no moral prohibitions
against recklessly endangering oes o life fo o good easo, so he uses the safe
form of PUR
Obligation to employ UAVs over inhatied aerial vehicles since they are cheapter to
produce and deploy than inhabited planes on equal missions
That is the risk one orders another to incur must track exactly with the ne essity of that
risk in relation to the acoomplishment fo the purportied good
OP: For any just action taken by a given military, if it is possible for th e military to use
UAV platforms in place of inhatbited aerial vehicles without a significant loss of
capability, then that military has an ethical obligation to do so 
Prudentville and Recklessville have a local police force tat has a highly trained bomb
o Each is very successful, and both towns acquired remotely controlled robots that
can disarm exploves while being operated from afar.
o These robots are capable at disarming bombs as the Explosive Ordanance
Disposal technician (EOD)
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