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APG 203
Professor Garcia- Quijano

Chapter 7 Summary Cohens adaptive strategies • Foraging • Horticulture • Agriculture • Pastroialism • Industrialism Horticulture doesn’t use land or labor intensively Horticulturalists cultivate a plot for one or two years and then abandon it Agriculturalists farm the same plot of land continuously and use intensive labor They use one or more of the following- irrigation, terracing, and domesticated animals as means of production • Means of production: o Land o Labor o Technology o Capital Pastorialists- herders of domesticated animals Pastorial nomadism- an entire group (women, men, children) move with their animals throughout the year Transhumance- part of a group moves with the herd, but most people stay in the village Economic anthropology- the cross cultural study of systems of production, distribution, and consumption In non industrial societies, kin based mode of production prevails • One acquires rights to resources and labor through membership in social groups, not impersonally through purchase and sale Economics- the science of allocating scarce means to alternative ends In addition to studying production, economic anthropol
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