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CHM 101
Radha Narayanan

Chapter 1: Chemistry The Study of Change 9/6/13 1. Chemistry: A Science for the 21 Century a. Health & Medicine o Sanitation systems o Surgery w| anesthesia o Vaccines & antibiotics o Gene therapy b. Energy & Environment o Fossil fuels o Solar energy o Nuclear energy c. Materials & Technology o Polymers, ceramics, liquid crystals o Room temperature superconductors d. Food & Agriculture o GMC’s (genetically modified crops) o “Natural” pesticides o Specialized fertilizers 2. The Study of Chemistry  Chemistry -study of matter & changes it undergoes  Macroscopic- things we can see, touch, and measure directly  Microscopic- things we can’t experience w/o modern technology & our imaginations 3. The Scientific Method  systematic approach to research 1. hypothesis- tentative explanation for a set of observations 2. law- statement of a relationship between phenomena that’s always the same under same conditions o ex: formulas  force= mass x acceleration 3. theory- unifying principle that explains a body of facts/ those laws that are based on them o ex: Atomic Theory, Big Bang Theory 4. Classifications of Matter  matter- anything that occupies space & has mass a. Substances & Mixtures  Substance- a form of matter that has constant composition & distinct properties Ex: water, ammonia, table sugar, gold, oxygen  Mixture- combo of 2+ substances where substance retain their distinct identities 1. Homogeneous- composition of mixture is same (soft drinks, milk) 2. Heterogeneous- composition of mixture is not same (cement, iron fillings i
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