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Caitlyn Marks Chapter 6 I) Chapter 5 discusses methods in supporting the ideas of your speech. II) A good way to support the main idea is by using examples. They can either be factual or hypothetical, and each of those can be brief or detailed. A) A factual example that is brief is a fact, but to further explain it can be applied to a situation. It takes the simple statement and the explanation within the example strengthens the example’s meaning. a) A fact that 40% of teen drivers admit to driving can be strengthened by adding how a teen driver gets into a car accident almost half of the time they were texting. B) A hypothetical example is all about what if’s. a) Imagine the day before your wedding on the beach, there’s an expected storm. b) To make it more detailed you would explain what type of storm and how the couple is reacting. III) The biggest part of using supportive materials is to explain. A) An exposition is basically relaying information communicatively. a) Your mother teaches you how to make a cake from scratch. You take the recipe and pass it along to a friend. B) An analysis is taking each part and breaking it down. a) If you want to learn how the brain works. You’ll break it down into the lobes and then again to the areas in each lobe. You’d be analyzing each part to get to the whole. C) A definition is just to give meaning to a word your audience may not know. It would be best to define in your own words because it creates more interest. D) In addition, a description appeals to the five senses. Only use the senses that apply a) A sweater can be described my touch and look. You
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