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University of Rhode Island
Communication Studies
COM 202

I) In order to be a successful speaker you must be able to entertain, persuade, and inform the audience. A) Entertaining the audience is meant to get an overall positive approach. a) Taking a different approach gains attention and makes the subject more interesting. b) Viewpoints on gay marriage create a lot of tension because people either are strongly for it or strongly against it. Normally, someone would get frustrated and speak passionately. Instead of being overly serious, an unusual approach would be to state how if someone wants to marry a table, tree, or someone of the same sex it doesn’t matter because you weren’t invited to the wedding anyways. B) If you want to persuade the audience, it’s important to convince or reinforce the audience to have the same viewpoint. a) Instead of trying to lessen the tension by taking an interesting or unusual approach, you’d be the person passionately speaking about your viewpoint. b) In order to persuade the audience, you’d have to give them reasons why you believe that your viewpoint is the right one. C) Informing the audience requires explaining a process or describing an event. a) In class when you learn how to perform an experiment or write a paper, the teacher is informing you with a sequence of events in order for you to get the proper conclusion. II) After determining what the purpose of your speech will be, it’s important to develop the subject. Our topic and purpose should be connected. Also, it’s up to the speaker to decide if they are qualified to speak about their decision, if it’s interesting to themselves as well as others, and is the subject as specific as possible. A) The topic should support your purpose. a) If the purpose of the lecture is to inform children why smoking isn’t good for them, the topic would be the bad side effects. B) When the subject is interesting to talk about and you can enthusiastically deliver your message, the audience will be hooked and in
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