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Communication Studies
COM 202

I) As long as there’s a speaker, there will be someone to listen. However, you can’t use the same techniques for every audience. In Chapter 2, it explains how to make an “audience- centered” speech. II) The first thing to consider is who your audience is. Whether it’s out peers or an authority figure effects the way we present ourselves, A) Talking to a group of peers allows us to act more natural, but in front of a professor or boss it’s more appropriate to maintain a more pulled together approach. 1) If a teacher talked to other teachers like they talk to their students, it would come off as if they thought of themselves as a higher authority. 2) If you talked to your boss the way you talk to your friends, it’d be considered disrespectful and inappropriate. III) Most of the time you don’t go into a lecture because you think it’ll be boring, you go because you’re interested in the subject A) As a speaker, it’s your responsibility to gain interest. B) By being knowledgeable and determining what kind of audience you have, you’re able to make a good guess at what will make the audience feel compelled to pay attention. IV)Although the listener should know a little something about the subject, sometimes it isn’t always the case. A) Going in you have no clue whether or not everyone wil
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