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THE 100

Chapter 1 1. The TKTS booth located at the Duffy Square is a ticket booth with discounted Broadway tickets. These discounted tickets are seats in the play that need to be filled. 2. In Greek “theatron” means “seeing place” 3. Shakespeare was a member of the Lord Chamberlain’s Men of London 4. The definition of theatre as an occupation is that body of artistic work in which actors impersonate characters in a live performance of a play. 5. 9 crafts that make up work of the theatre a. Producing: making sure all personal, space and financing are completed. b. Directing: controlling and developing the artist product c. Acting: actors perform roles of characters d. Designing: designers map out the visual and aural elements of a production. Ex. Scenery, costumes, makeup, etc. e. Building: carpenters, costumers, wig-makers, painters, etc. construct the scenes f. Crewing: technicians go over lighting and sound. Crewing goes over repairs, laundering, and changes of costumes i. Stage managing: they “run” the play production ii.House managing: admits, seating, and provides comfort for general public. g. Playwriting: writing the play. h. Composing: for musical theatre. Have musicians play music 6. The two general modes of performance are presentational (direct) and representational (indirect). Presentational performance is a basic stand-up comedy or nightclub style. The presentational performs acknowledge their audience by singing to them, dancing to them or joking with them. Representational performance is more fundamental and dramatic. Audience sees a performance that seems to be staged as if there was no audience. The audience focuses on the events instead the nature of their presentation. 7. Ben Affleck said “acting on stage was the best life experience I’ve had.” 8. The purpose of the mask in theatre is to provide both a physical (the actor) and the impersonated (the character), thus aiding onlookers in temporarily suspending their awareness of the “real” world and accepting in its place the world of the stage. Presentational (or direct) performance: the basic stand-up comedy or nightclub mode. Directly acknowledge the audience Representational performance: the more fundamental mode of drama that certainly makes drama more dramatic as opposed to simply theatrical. The audience watches a performance as if the audience isn’t there. Chapter 2 1. The length of a typical play lasts around 2 to 3 hours because it was the time between lunch and dinner. People would watch matinee. 2. The two main genres of theatre are tragedy and comedy. 3. Atragedy is a serious play, one or more of its main characters and focuses on a universal theme about human life and society.A comedy is a play that is intended to make the audience laugh. 4. Aprotagonist is the carrier of the action.An antagonist is the opposer of the action. The protagonists go forth against superhuman antagonists and their struggle. Chapter 2 (cont) 1. The 5 characteristics of Farce are constant hilarity, sheer physical buffoonery, misheard instructions, mistaken identities, and sexual puns. 2. The characteristics of melodrama are serious, flamboyant dialogue, along with highly suspenseful, contrived plotting. 3. Documentary Drama is a drama that presents historical facts in a non-fictionalized manner. 4. Plot is the events of the play, expressed as a series of linked dramatic actions, the story of the play. Theme is the message of the play 5. Theatre conventions are a theatrical custom that the audience accepts without thinking a. When the curtains go down, the play is over b. When actors leave the stage then reenter, time has passed. c. When the actors “freeze”, we are seeing “dream state”. The words they say are character’s thoughts. 6. Preplay: People gathered at the theatre’s door, have to shift concerns of outside world to the play. Ushers lead them to their seats. Preshow music . They will be given a play program. Stage lights light up the curtain. Postplay: curtain call, actors bow and the audience applauds. Curt
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