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Chapter 17

MKTG 300 Chapter 17: Direct and Digital Marketing Notes

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MKTG 300
O'' Neal Carlton

MKTG 300: Chapter 17 Direct and Digital Marketing Notes Abbreviations: △ - change; comp - company; mktg - marketing; CR - customer relationships; LR - long run ● Direct and Digital Marketing → engaging directly with carefully targeting individual consumers and customer communities to both obtain an immediate response and build lasting CR -- fastest-growing form of mktg ○ Direct mktg becomes more Internet-based; digital mktg expenditures & sales are expected to grow 9%/yr ○ Buyer Benefits: convenient, easy, private, brand engagement and community, wealth of product and information, range of inventory and products ○ Seller Benefits: low-cost, efficient, speedy alternative for reaching their target markets, personalize, greater flexibility (different sizes, colors, etc), fast for new markets (product, geography), less warehouses ○ Forms: online mktg (websites, online ads, email, blogs), social media mktg, mobile mktg ● Traditional Direct Mktg → face-to-face selling, direct-mail, catalog, telemarketing, direct-response TV, kiosk mktg ● Digital and Social Media Marketing → fastest-growing form of direct mktg; using digital mktg tools like websites, social media, mobile apps, ads, email, & blogs that engage consumers anytime, anywhere via their digital devices ● Multichannel Marketing → mktg thru stores, other offline channels, & thru digital, online, social media channels ● Online Marketing → via Internet using company websites, online ads, promotions, email, online video, and blogs ● Marketing Website → website that engages consumers to move them closer to direct purchase or other outcome ● Branded Community Website → presents brand content that engages consumers & creates customer community ● Online Advertising → appears while consumers are browsing online to build brand sales or attract visitors ○ Rich media ads incorporate animation, video, sound, and largest form is search-related ads (contextual) ● E-mail Marketing → sending highly targeted, personalized, relationship-building mktg messages via e-mail ● Spam → unsolicited, unwanted commercial email messages ● Viral Marketing → digital version of word-of-mouth mktg; videos, ads, and other mktg content that is so infectious that customers will seek it out or pass it along to friends (ex: McDonald’s honest simple video) ● Blogs → online journals where ppl & com
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