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Chapter Appendix A

ACC 311 Chapter Appendix A: Appendix A Notes

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University of Texas at Austin
ACC 311
Gretchen Charrier

Appendix A: Reporting and Interpreting Investments in Other Corporations ● Investing funds in stocks and bonds of other companies: Managers are not interested in influencing or controlling other companies ● Accounting for investments in securities ○ No influence or control: <20% (Fair value method) ■ Passive Investments: Company has extra cash and wants to earn a return on the idle funds ● Passive if investing company owns <20% of outstanding voting shares of other company ● Fair value method is used to measure and report investments ○ Fair Value Method: Reports securities at their current market value (the amount that would be received in an orderly sale) ○ Why to report passive investments at fair value ■ Relevance: Current fair value is best estimate of cash that could be generated by the sale of these securities ■ Measurability: Accountants record only items that can be measure with a high degree of reliability ○ Unrealized Holding Gains (Losses): Amounts associated with price changes of securities that are currently held ■ Trading securities ● Held for the purpose of selling in the near future ● Unrealized holding gain/loss adjustments are recorded in income statement and closed to retained earnings ● Classified as short term, current assets ■ Available for sale securities ● All passive investments other than trading securities and debt held to maturity (classified as either short term or long term) ● Not held primarily for the purpose of selling in the near future ● Intent is to earn a return on the funds invested ● Unrealized holding gain/loss adjustments are recorded in stockholders' equity section of balance sheet as accumulated other comprehensive income (AOCI) ● Purchase of Securities ○ Debit investments in AFS securities ○ Credit cash ● Dividends Earned ○ Debit cash ○ Credit dividend revenue ○ Same for both TS and AFS ● Year-End Valuation ○ Report passive investments at fair value at end of accounting period ○ Adjusting Entry ■ Fair Value - Boo
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