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Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Notes

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ANT 301

1 Chapter 13: TheAnthropological Perspective on the Human Life Course Modern humans are the result of biocultural evolution; in other words, human biology and behavior today have been shaped by the biological and cultural forces that operated on our ancestors. Growth- increase in mass or number of cells Development- differentiation of cells into different types of tissues and their maturation Adolescent growth spurt- the period during adolescence when well-nourished teens typically increase in stature at greater rates than at other time in the life cycle Essential amino acids- the 9 (of 22) amino acids that must be obtained from the food we eat because they’re not synthesized in the body in sufficient amounts The pre-agricultural diet was high in animal protein, low in fats, especially saturated fats, high in complex carbs (including fiber), low in salt, and high in calcium Epidemiological transition- marked by the rise of infectious and nutritional deficiency diseases Monozygotic twins- twins derived from a single fertilized egg Dizygotic twins- twins derived from two separate fertilized eggs in the same pregnancy Endocrine glands- glands responsible for secretion of hormones into the bloodstream Hypothalamus—the relay station, control center for most hormonal action Two hormones important in growth: - Growth hormone: secreted by the anterior pituitary, promotes growt
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