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Chapter 11

AST 309 Chapter 11: Module 11 Notes

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University of Texas at Austin
AST 309
Finkelstein Keely

Module11 Notes Sunday, April 2, 2017 10:08 AM The Sun as a Comet Snatcher • Simulations suggest that the Sun may have captured many cometsfrom the primordialstarformingsoup. • Comets spend mostof their time 5000-100000 times further from the Sun than the Earth, in the Oort cloud • One modelpredictsthataround 6 billioncometsin the Oortcloud arehome grown.400billioncometsprobablysurroundtheSolarSystem,whichishardto explain ○ These mysterycomets mayhaveformedaround other stars duringthe first momentsofstarformation.Sunmayhavebeenmassiveenoughtosteal cometsfromlightweightneighbors • Acomputermodel builtwhere many starsform nearoneanotherandeach spawnsitsown planetary objects.TheSun snagsmanycomments ○ Many assumptionshad to be madeabout solar systemformation,which introduces large uncertainties intothe picture. Likethe assumptionthat a large scattereddiskwouldexist that early on. Had to assume thestars had the same number of comets, 'Death Stars' in Orion Blast Planets Before They Form • Orion nebula hasmanyyoung starsandyoungerprotostarscalledProplyds. • ALMAused to studydeadly relationshipbetweenluminousOstarsandnearby protostars. ○ Protostars within .1 light years (600 billion miles)of an O star are doomed to have dust and gas stripped awaybefore planets can form • Many sun like starsare born in crowded stellar nurseries. Over time, grains of dustandgascombineintolargedenserbodies.Thesesystemswillthenevolve into full star systems • Massive yet shortlived stars in/aroundlargeinterstellarcloud areessential for the process ofstar formation.Massive stars dieas supernovas,providingdust andheavyelementsforthenextgenerationofstars. • Any protostarwithinthe extreme UVenvelopeofa massivestarwouldhave much ofitsdisk mater
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