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Classical civilization
C C 306M
Todd Curtis

Chapter 10 The Eye Notes Aque/o Water Blephar/o Eyelid Conjunctiv/o Conjunctiva (to join together) Corne/o, kerat/o Cornea Cycl/o Circle, ciliary body Ir/o, irid/o Colored circle, iris Lacrim/o, dacry/o Tear Ocul/o, ophthalm/o, opt/o Eye Phac/o, phak/o Lens (lentil) Phot/o Light Presby/o Old age Retin/o Retina Scler/o Hard or sclera Vitre/o Glassy -opia Condition of vision Humor Fluid Fovea Pit (ex: fovea centralis) Fundus Base Lutea Yellow (ex: macula lutea) Asthenia Weak condition Nystagmos Rapid movement of eyeball [L. a nodding] Scotoma Blind spot in vision [L. darkness] Stigma Point Ambly/o Dim Chalasis A slackening Chalaza L. hailstone Tropo Turning Phero To bear Hordeum Sty [L. barley] Chapter 10 The Eye Notes Strabismus Eye misalignment [L. a squinting] Eso Inward History of the eye:  Keratorrhexis = rupture of the cornea  Extramission [visual perception by rays Scler/o – sclera of light emitted by our eyes] vs.  Sclerokeratoiritis = inflammation of the intromission [visual perception emitted sclera, cornea and iris into our eyes]  Scleronychia = thickening of the nails  Pneuma and crystalline lens Ir/o – iris  Renaissance anatomy Irid/o – iris  Camera obscura  Goddess of the rainbow o L. camera – large room  Messenger between heaven and earth o L. obscura – dark Core/o – pupil Aque/o – water  Acorea  Aqueous humor = watery fluid between  Anisocorea cornea and lens of eyes L. pupil – little doll, little person  Aqueductus cerebri = canal connecting Cycl/o – circle (ciliary body) third and fourth ventricles  Cycloplegia Vitre/o – glassy  Cyclopia = one eye  Vitreous humor = gelatinous substance Lacrim/o – tear that fills the chamber of the eye  Lacrimotome between the retina and the lens  Lacrimal Apparatus = structures that Hyal/o – glassy, glass secrete and drain tears from the eyes  Hyalogen Dacry/o – tear  Hyalophobia = fear of glass objects  Dacryocystitis = inflammation of the Blephar/o – eyelid lacrimal sac causing obstruction of the  Blepharochalasis = relaxation of the tube draining tears into the nose eye  Dacryoadenalgia = pain in the lacrimal  Blepharoptosis = droopy eyes gland Palpebr/o – eyelid Ocul/o – eye Conjunctiv/o – conjunctiva  Oculogyria = limits of rotations of  Conjunctivitis = pink eye eyeball Ophthalm/o – eye Fornix and fornication:  Ophthalmotropometer = instrument for  Fornix – vault or arch measuring ocular movements  Fornication = sexual intercourse outside Opt/o – eye of marriage  Panoptic o Roman prostitutes used to hang out under the arches of bridges Argus Panoptes and the Peacock:  Panoptes – “all-seeing” Corne/o – cornea  Argus Panoptes is a giant with 100 eyes  Corneal xerosis = dryness in eyes who was in charged by Hera to guard  Corneoblepharon = adhesion of the nymph Io, who was later stolen by Zeus eyelid margin to the cornea  To commerate Argus, Hera put his eyes Kerat/o – hard, horn; cornea into the tail of a peacock Chapter 10 The Eye Notes Euchd’s Optics (c. 200 BC) Phac/o – lens  Greek geometry  Phacolysis  Perspective  Aphakia  Extramission  Pseudophakia Lenticul/o, lent/i – lens Glauc/o – silver, gleaming, bluish green color  Lenticular = pertaining to the eyes  Glaucoma  Lentiform = lens-shaped  Aglaucopsia  Gr. Phake L.
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