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Classical civilization
C C 306M
Todd Curtis

Chapter 12 Gastrointestinal System Notes Abdomen/o, celi/o, lapar/o Abdomen An/o Anus Appendic/o Appendix Bil/i, chol/e Bile Bucc/o Cheek Cheil/o Lip Col/o, colon/o Colon Cyst/o Bladder or sac Dent/i Teeth Doch/o Duct Duoden/o Duodenum Enter/o Small intestine Esophag/o Esophagus Gastr/o Stomach Gingiv/o Gum Gloss/o, lingu/o Tongue Hepat/o, hepatic/o Liver Herni/o Hernia Ile/o Ileum Inguin/o Groin Jejun/o Jejunum (empty) Lith/o Stone Or/o, stomat/o Mouth Pancreat/o Pancreas Peritone/o Peritoneum Phag/o Eat or swallow Proct/o Anus and rectum Pylor/o Pylorus (gatekeeper) Rect/o Rectum Chapter 12 Gastrointestinal System Notes Sial/o Saliva Sigmoid/o Sigmoid colon (resembles) Steat/o Fat -emesis Vomiting Sphincter L. band Vermin L. worm -orexia Appetite Ascos L. bag Constipo To press together Pepsis Digestion Eructation Belch Gas in the stomach or intestine (flatus – a Flatulence blowing) Halitosis Bad breath (halitus – breath) Hematochezia Red blood in stool (chezo – defecate) Jaundice Yellow Ankly/o Crooked or stiff Pept/o To digest Fistula A pipe Sessilis L. low growing Haimorrhois L. a vein likely to bleed; hemorrhoids Intus L. within Suscipiens L. to take up Volvo L. to roll Cheil/o (chil/o) – lip  Labium majus = the greater lip (genital  Cheilophagia = condition of swallowing part)  Cheiloplasty = lip surgery Or/o – mouth Labi/o – lip  Orad = towards the mouth  Labiochorea = trembling lip  Os uteri = mouth of uterus  Myxadenitis labialis = inflammation of  Labium oris = referred to upper or lip mucus gland lower lips Chapter 12 Gastrointestinal System Notes Stomat/o – mouth  Celiac disease  Stomatognathic = pertaining to mouth Lapar/o – abdomen and jaw  Laparosalpingotomy = incision into the  Aphthous stomatitis = ulcer of mouth uterine tube though an opening in the (canker sores) abdominal wall Dent/i – tooth  Laparomyitis = inflammation of  Dens bicuspidus = bicuspid (2 point) abdominal muscles tooth Peritone/o – peritoneum Dentin/o – tooth  Parietal peritoneum  Dentinoclast = breaks down  Visceral peritoneum Odont/o – tooth Gastr/o – stomach  Megodontia = large teeth  Fundus gastricus = the part of the Gingiv/o – gum stomach to the left and above the level  Hyperplastic gingivitis = excessive of the opening of the esophagus formation of gum  Gastroplication = folding of stomach (to Gloss/o, -glot, glott/o – tongue make it smaller)  Ankyloglossia = tongue tied (literally Pylor/o – pylorus (Gr. Gatekeeper) tied down)  Pylorostenosis = narrowing of pyloric Lingu/o – tongue canal  Linguoclination = process of leaning  Sphincter and the Sphinx toward tongue Hepat/o – liver Bucc/o – cheek/mouth Hepatic/o – liver  Retrobuccal = behind the cheek  Hepaticolithotripsy = grinding/rubbing  Buccoversion = turning towards the (break down) of stone in liver cheek Bil/i – bile (gall)  Bocca della verita  Bilirubin = red bile o Lie detector in medieval times Chol/e – bile (gall) o Put hand in mouth of round  Cholangiogastrostomy = bile vessel rock with hole (if lying, hand connection with stomach gets supposedly cut off)  Choler/o Sial/o – saliva o Choleric  Sialoaerophagy = swallowing saliva and o Cholera air Cyst/o – bladder or sac  3 salivary glands in mouth Doch/o – duct o Submandibular  Choledochotomy = incision into the o Parotid common bile duct o Sublingual Enter/o – small intestine Esophag/o – esophagus  Myenteron = muscles in digestive tract  Esophageal atresia = abnormal Duoden/o – duodenum occlusion of esophagus  Hepatocholangiocystoduodenostomy = Abdomen/o – abdomen the drainage of bile ducts
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