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Classical civilization
C C 306M
Todd Curtis

Chapter 13 Urinary System Notes Albumin/o Protein Bacteri/o Bacteria Cyst/o, vesic/o Bladder or sac Dips/o Thirst Glomerul/o Glomerulus (small ball) Gluc/o, glucos/o, glyc/o Glucose (sugar) Ket/o, keton/o Ketone bodies Lith/o Stone Meat/o Meatus (opening) Nephr/o, ren/o Kidney Pyel/o Renal pelvis (basin) Py/o Pus Ureter/o Ureter Urethr/o Urethra Ur/o, urin/o Urine Cortex Outer part of the kidney (L. bark) Ducts that carry urine from nephrons to renal Calices pelvis (L. kalyx – cup of a flower) Urin/o – urine  Nephroptosis = downward  Urinophil = bacteria attracted to urine displacement/prolapse of kidney  Uremia = blood in the urine  Nephropthisis = wasting disease, (TV)  Uroplania = (wondering) discharge of Ureter/o – ureter urine from a different area  Typhloureterostomy = operation of -uria – condition of urine cutting into the cecum (can also mean  Azoturia = lifeless (nitrogenous waste blindess)  Amyluria = starch  Nyctothypholosis = night blindness Grade – step Cyst/o – bladder or sac  Retrograde = backwards step  Cystolithotripsty-lapaxy = surgical  Antegrade = flow of movement procedure, breaks the stone down so  Plantigrade = flat foot walking they can pass; evacuation Vesic/o – bladder or vesicle  Digitigrade = walks on its toes  Unguligrade = walking on hooves  Vesicocervical = cervix and the bladder Ren/o – kidney  Vesicoclysis = wasting out of the  Renoprival = all the stuff after removal bladder Urethr/o – urethra of kidney Nephr/o – kidney  Phraxis = blockage or obstruction Chapter 13 Urinary System Notes Hilum – little things, trifle on the bean Symptomatic Terms –Uria Pelvis – basin, fluid collect into  Pyruia – pus in urine Papilla – nipple  Nitrituria – nitrites in urine Pyel/o – renal pelvis (basin)  Albuminuria – protein in urine  Endopyelotomy = sticking in the pelvis  Aciduria – acid in urine  Pyelocystostomosis = surgical  Hematuria – blood in urine establishment of communication  Hypersthenuria – excessive strength / between the kidney and bladder high specific gravity in urine Calyx – bud, flower cup  Ketonuria – ketones in urine Glomerul/o – glomerulus (ball shape) [main  Urobiliuria – bile in urine filtration organ]  Glucosuria – glucose in urine  Anuria – lack of urination Uroplania, planets, and Ptolemaic astronomy  Wonderer  Dysuria – painful urination  Nocturia / Nycturia – night urination Erasistratus (325-250 BC) – horror vacui  Oliguria – scanty urination  Emptiness that needs to be filled Asclepiades (124-44BC) – pores and vapors  Polyuria – a lot of urination  Does not worry about kidneys
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