CMS 306M Chapter 10: Chapter 10

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10 May 2016
Chapter 10: Organizing a Successful Presentation
Basic Outline
oOutline keeps your ideas organized as you develop and refine your presentation
Transitions: word/phrase/nonverbal cue written out on outline that
indicates movement from one idea to another
Internal summaries: frequently combined with transitions, statements
used during the presentation to summarize what you just said
Formal and Delivery Outline’s
oFormal: detailed, written in complete sentences
Helps prepare you for the speech
oDelivery: brief, consists of key words
Help remember key points/main ideas
Organizational styles
oGeneral purpose of your speech is usually to inform or persuade whereas the
specific purpose focuses on one small aspect of your topic
oInformative has three speaking styles
oPersuasive has seven
Monroe’s motivated sequence
oChronological outline
Chronological style is especially effective for informative presentations
Structured in terms of the time order in which the events occur
Describe a particular process that occurs in a definite time order
oSpatial outline
Effective for informative and persuasive speech topics
Organized by geographic location or direction
oTopical Outline
Arrangements break down the main subject into subtopics that serve as
logical divisions
Each subtopic is equally important to the overall goal of the presentation
How should you order the subtopics?
Primacy and recency: people are more likely to recall the idea
they hear first, and the idea they hear last
oFamiliarity/acceptance outline
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