CMS 306M Chapter Notes - Chapter 13: Social Proof, Pole And Polar, Cognitive Dissonance

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10 May 2016
Chapter 13: Speaking to Persuade
oVictory in these presentations is a result of your skill in influencing your
audiences, and influencing them in an ethical manner
Defining Presentation
oRhetoric: works to advance our understanding of how human beings use
language to influence one another
oPersuasion: the process of influence
Ethical Stances
oEthics are significant aspects of the debate involving the proper definition, place,
and study of persuasion
oEthics are an important dimension
oPersuasion involves the power to influence another
Using actions/words to persuade
oA good speech is impossible without a speaker that lives a good life
Consider relationship to audience
oDeveloping and delivering your speech with the audience’s best interest in mind
oWhen persuading, a speaker should enter into a dialogue with the audience
oBuber’s approach shifts the style of public speaking from speaking at the masses
to speaking with other individuals
Judging the speaker and audience
oVeil of ignorance: imaginary shield that the speaker creates for their audience,
buffers against biases
oWhen speakers create this, allows the audience to hear the speaker for what
they are really saying, and see beyond part of their identity (or argument) they
may be biased towards
Persuasion and cognition
oVictory in persuasion is when you can influence another person to change their
attitudes, beliefs, values, or behaviors
oTarget audience: listeners you want most to influence with your presentation
Level of Influence
oAttitudes: learned dispositions, manners, or feelings one has toward something
oBeliefs: more difficult to influence because they involve our convictions as to
what is true or false
oValues: most difficult to influence, represent people’s concept of what is right or
worthwhile. Use values to ascertain whether something is fundamentally good
or bad
Using motivation to Persuade
oPeople have needs or desires. Tapping into those needs yields tremendous
responses in the sense that using motivation to persuade is something of
wonder and fear
Cognitive dissonance
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