CMS 306M Chapter Notes - Chapter 12: Facial Expression, Eye Contact

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10 May 2016
Chapter 12: Delivery: Bringing your own Words-and your audience-to life
oYour personal credibility as a speaker is your ethos
Nonverbal behavior is key
Stand up straight. Shows your care about material and taking
presentation seriously, can also make you sound stronger
oEye contact
Seem more persuasive with it, but don’t stare them down
Could do more, but there is a limit
Facial Feedback Hypothesis: when you put on a a happy face, you feel
oFacial expression
Facially expressive people can be perceived as more confident and
likeable. Important to gain audience’s attention and trust
Can help add emphasis and clarify your spoken words, help audience feel
engaged in your presentation
Make sure to size your gestures to the audience (one on one vs.
oVocal behavior
Vocalics: vocal characteristics that affect the delivery of a speech
Pitch, rate, volume, articulation, and enunciation are all important
Be loud enough to be heard, but not too loud
Don’t speak too fast
Articulation: saying each syllable of each word clearly/distinctly
Enunciation: involves your individual style of
stressing/emphasizing/putting inflection on words or phrases
oNegative Verbal Behaviors
Filler words: words or sounds that we make in place of taking a pause in
our speech
To combat, simply pause while speaking (no likes or um’s)
Tag questions: short questions we attach to end of direct statements
“Don’t you think”
Hurt credibility, makes you sound uncertain
Disclaimers: words/phrases we use to preface our remarks that take
away the validity of the claim before we have a chance to say it
“This isn’t important”, “I’m not prepared”, etc.
oCategories of speeches
Impromptu: given a prompt, little to no time to prepare with limited
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