CMS 306M Chapter Notes - Chapter 19: Soft Skills, Organizational Communication

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10 May 2016
Chapter 19: Managing your professional reputation
oSelf-monitoring: process of paying close attention to the context you are in and
using these observations to shape the way you behave
Defining professionalism
oCan mean different things to different people depending on the context
oProfessionalism: set of qualities and characteristics that represent perceptions of
your competence and character as judged by your key constituents
Competency: possessing required skill, knowledge, qualification, or
Highly competent individuals have a mix of knowledge, skills,
expertise that differentiates them from peers
Ambiguity: demonstrating comm. competence requires being
comfortable with this (vague instructions)
Soft skills: communication skills, highly sought after
Accountability: take care of responsibilities and be responsible to others
Self-regulation: showing respect to themselves and the people around
them, no matter what role or situation they’re in.
Professional Image: your brand, set of qualities and characteristics that
communicate your degree of competence, character, warmth.
Good idea to identify norms of your profession
Dress appropriately
oOnline presence: social media
Behavior/posts deemed unprofessional or inappropriate can cost you
your job
Understanding Organizational Communication Norms:
oComm. norms vary by profession, org. and individual
oImportant to be aware that your team/organization have norms for everyday
communication that may differ from your personal communication preference
Relationships through informal networks:
oInformal network: consist of the relationship you have with individuals beyond
your direct boss and teammates
Adapting to workplace communication culture
oSome orgs. use data to make decisions while others may make them off
preferences of executives or individuals.
oImportant to listen and watch closely regarding the decision making process
Writing effectively for the audience and situation
oWhen crafting written communication, important to write clear, concise, well-
organized messages that highlight what is most important to your recipient.
Tech use in the workplace
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find more resources at
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