MAN 337 Chapter Notes - Chapter 13: The Negotiation, Best Alternative To A Negotiated Agreement

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4 Jan 2017
Chapter 13: Conflict and Negotiation
Conflict: a process that begins with one party perceives that another party has negatively
affected something that the first party cares about
Traditional view:
o Dysfunctional outcome resulting from poor communication, a lack of openness and
trust, and failure or managers to be responsive
o All conflict is essentially bad
Human Relations view:
o Conflict is a natural occurrence in all groups
o Conflict is inevitable; this theory accepts it
Interactionist view:
o Encourages conflict on the grounds that a harmonious, peaceful, tranquil, and
cooperative group is prone to becoming static, apathetic, and nonresponsive to needs
for change and innovation
o Encouraged ongoing minimum level of conflict
The conflict process:
o Potential opposition or incompatibility:
Personal variables: personality, emotions and values
o Cognition and personalization:
Perceived conflict felt conflict in order to have personalization
anxiety, tension, frustration
Where conflict is defined
o Intentions:
Competing: assertive and uncooperative
Collaborating: assertive and cooperative
Avoiding: unassertive and uncooperative
Accommodating: unassertive and cooperative
Compromising: between assertive and cooperative
o Behavior: dynamic process of interaction; what people do, say, etc
o Outcomes:
Functional outcomes: constructive and effective
Improves quality of decisions
Stimulates creativity
Fosters an environment of self-evaluation and change
Dysfunctional outcomes:
Discontent from uncontrolled opposition
Dissolves common ties
Lower cohesiveness and communication
Negotiation: a process by which two or more parties exchange goods or services and attempt to
agree on the exchange rate for them
o Strategies:
Distributive bargaining:
Operates under zero-sum conditions
Negotiating who gets what share of a fixed pie (there is only a set
amount of good to split up)
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