MIS 301 Chapter Notes - Chapter 8: Dark Web, Mysql, Social Graph

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Chapter 8: Facebook
1. General Facebook facts:
a. Microsoft bought 1.6% of the firm for $240 million in 2007
i. Means that the firm was valued at $15 billion
b. Fir’s rapid rise is a result of etork effets
c. First choice messaging and chatting service
d. Biggest photo-sharing site on the Web
e. Has collaborated with Microsoft to work on a document collaboration and sharing
f. OSS powers much of the site
i. Portion of the code is in PHP
ii. Databases are in MySQL
g. Most of its revenue comes from advertisement
i. Content adjacency is a problem
1. Definition: the concern that an ad will run near offensive or
embarrassing material
h. Searching on Google vs. Facebook
i. Google is on a HUNT (looking for something in particular)
ii. Facebook is on a HIKE (exploring)
i. Facebook connects with the rest of the web
i. Like buttons on other websites to send into to FB news feed
ii. Registering to a site with FB login into
iii. Show which FB friends are visiting a certain site
iv. Opt out, not opt in
j. Failed big to acquire Twitter
2. Cash-flow positive: he a opa’s revenue can cover its operating costs
3. Goes public: the first time a firm sells stock to the public
a. a iitial puli stok offerig
4. Short: an attempt to profit from a falling stock price
5. Venture capitalists (VCs): investor groups that provide funding in exchange for a stake in the
firm and usually some managerial control (voting seats or seat on board of directors)
a. Board of directors: group assigned to govern, advise, and provide oversight for the firm
6. Dark web: iteret otet that a’t e ideed  Google and other search engines
a. Facebook is private; therefore Google and Bing cannot index it
b. Facebook has announced it intention to offer a real-time search engine
7. Content delivery networks (CDN):
a. Systems distributed throughout the Internet that help to improve the delivery speeds of
Web pages and other media
i. Spreads access across multiple sites located closer to users
b. Akamal is the largest CDN
c. Facebook developed its own CDNHaystackfor photo uploading
8. Telecommunications bandwidth: transmission rate
a. # bits per second that can be transmitted by a telecommunication mechanism
9. Social graph: the global mapping of users and organizations, and how they are connected
a. Faeook’s ailit to ollet, epress ad leerage the oetios etee the site’s
b. Facebook’s realess eae its distiguishig feature
i. Verify with a real email that you were part of a university or organization
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