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Chapter 1

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University of Texas at Austin
NTR 306
Deanna Staskel

Highlight >1 Nutrition on the Internet Internet – a worldwide network of millions of computers linked together to share information  2 out of 3 adults use the Internet to look up health information or learn about health topics in online chat groups Websites – internet resources composed of text and graphic files  One of the most trustworthy sites used by scientists and others o US National Library of Medicine’s PubMed  Provides free access to more than 20 descriptions of research papers published in scientific journals around the world When nutrition info arrives in unsolicited emails, be suspicious if:  The person sending it to you didn’t write it and you can’t determine who did or if that person is a nutrition expert  The phrase “Forward this to everyone you know”  The phrase “This is not a hoax” appears  The news is sensational and you’ve never heard about it from legitimate sources  The language is emphatic and the text is sprinkled with capitalized words and exclamation marks  No reference are given or, if present, are of questionable validity when examined  Message has been debunked Nutrition in the News Consumer benefit from news coverage of nutrition when they learn to make lifestyle changes that will improve their health. The media often report scientific findings quickly and prematurely – without benefit of careful interpretation, replication or peer review.  Reports presents findings from a single, recently released study o Making the current news controversial Identifying Nutrition Experts Dietitian – a person trained in nutrition, food science and diet planning Physicians and Other Health-Care Professionals Only 30% of all medical schools in the US require students to take a separate nutrition course  Less than half require the minimum 25 hours of nutrition instruction recommended by the National Academy of Sciences Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics – professional organization of dietitians in the US  Formerly the American Dietetic Association  Canadian equivalent – Dietitians of Canada  Asserts that standardized nutrition should be included in the curricula for all health-care professionals Registered dietitian (RD) – a person who has completed a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college  Completed approved course work  Completed supervised practice program  Passed a national examination  Maintains registration through continuing professional education Highlight >1 Registered Dietitian (RD) Some states allow anyone to use the title dietitian or nutritionist, but others allow only an RD or people with specified qualifications. Many states provide a further guarantee –
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