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Chapter 7

S W 323K Chapter 7: Chapter 7Premium

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Social Work
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S W 323K
R Ambrosino

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Chapter 7: Analyzing Problems in the First Step of Policy Analysis
A six step policy analysis, proposal writing, and presentation framework:
1. Familiarize oneself with a specific social problem or issue or interrelated problems
a. Set a goal or goals
2. Policy advocates brainstorm an array of relevant policy, programmatic and resource
options that, singly and together, might define a strategy for addressing the social
problem or issues
a. The elements of a new social program
b. The content of a proposed or modified regulation
c. The proposed modification in an existing social program or the way it is
d. A proposed change in the amount of resources dedicated to a specific program
or issues
e. A proposed modification in a specific protocol or procedure for helping specific
3. Policy advocates analyze the relative merits of competing options so that on balance
they can select a specific one from two or more options.
a. Cost
b. Effectiveness
c. Political feasibility
d. Ease of implementation
e. Specific values such as social justice, fairness, confidentiality, and self-
4. Policy advocates draft a specific policy proposal that flows from their brainstorming and
conceptual work during the preceding three stages of political analysis.
5. Policy advocates seek supporters for their proposals
6. Policy advocates make key presentation to public officials or decision makers.
Theories a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something especially one
based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained.
Values based criteria provide a normative basis for comparing options
Evidence based policy multiple fields of public policy to refer to situations whereby policy
decisions are informed by rigorously established objective evidence.
Cost effective effective or productive in relation to its cost
Trade off a balance achieved between two desirable but incompatible features, a
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