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Chapter 6

S W 323K Chapter 6: Chapter 6Premium

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Social Work
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S W 323K
R Ambrosino

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Chapter 6: Committing to an Issue: Building Agendas
There are three challenges in agenda building:
The diagnosing or listening stage
o Streams of problems
o Solutions
o Recent professional developments
o Trends
o Political realities
The softening or moderating stage
o Working in problem
o Solution streams
o Building political support
The activating stage
o Timing
o Windows of opportunity
o Coupling
o Framing
o Finding titles
o Negotiating
o Bargaining
o Assembling early sponsors
o Supporters
o Routing
o Media coverage
Viewpoints to consider when trying to create or change policy:
The viewpoints of heads of government or chief executives
The viewpoints of legislators, particularly those who have official positions (like majority
speaker or committee chairperson) or who have influential roles in specific caucuses
such as a oe’s caucus.
The iepoits of the legislators fro oe’s o district because they often support
proposals made by their constituents.
The viewpoint of legislators who have assumed leadership on similar issues in the past
such as legislators who have taken a personal interest in child welfare issues
The viewpoints of key members of government bureaucracy, whether political
appointees or civil servants, particularly those who oversee programs and polices
relevant to the present issue.
The viewpoints of lobbyists or the heads of interest groups that are active on the issue
or policy.
The viewpoints of the public as reflected in polls or in recently contested elections.
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