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Chapter 10

S W 323K Chapter 10: Chapter 10Premium

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Social Work
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S W 323K
R Ambrosino

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Chapter 10: Developing and Using Power in the Policy Enacting Task
Person-to-person power policy advocates sometimes exert power in personal discussions
with others.
Expert power senders display their personal credentials and knowledge to convince others.
Coercive power threatening penalties such as hinting the loss of a job, promotion if another
person does not support a specific policy
Referent power originates from being seen as someone associated with people or groups that
other people identify with or want to belong to
Charismatic power can be viewed as a subset of referent power
Power of authority stes fro oe’s positio i a orgaizatio’s or goveret’s hierarhy
Power of position gives certain persons power resources because of their strategic location in
an agency or legislature with respect to its workflow.
Information power derived fro a perso’s otrol of ritial iforatio in specific
Connection power derived from the particular networks or key contacts of specific persons
Value-based power derived fro a perso’s aility to appeal to others ased upo their s
shared ethical commitments.
Substantive power shape the content of policies to elicit support from specific persons.
Procedural power numerous people and committees and finally the full body must assent to a
policy brief before it can be enacted.
Scope of conflict the number and kind of people who participate in the conflict
Process power when they influence the tenor, tempo, or scope of conflict of deliberations in
order to get a specific proposal enacted.
Obtaining power resources in the policy-enacting task:
Building personal credibility
o Appearing reasoning
o Pragmatic
o Appearing to be a team player
o Appearing to have personal integrity
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