T D 301 Chapter 5: TD305 – For Colored Girls - 2.8C

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Theatre and dance
T D 301

TD305 – For Colored Girls - 2.8C • Solidarity o One character would say something o Other ladies would join in, repeat a phrase ▪ Sense of unity o Sometimes lines would repeat, only one word were change per character • For Colored Girls o Shange didn’t specify costume ▪ Did this on purpose ▪ Wanted women to take this play and use it as a libertory practice ▪ Wanted people to interpret it in a way that was best for them o Language of the play ▪ Use of vernacular language ▪ Purposeful choice ▪ Honors a form of language so often denigrated • Literally writes out language • Her name is a resistance of oppression • Title is also a resistance- why lowercase? o Capitalization gives power o We capitalize names because they are proper and they belong to us o Capital words have more power than lowercase words o Title: no caps, flattening all power, critiques power structure ▪ Why “colored”? • People of color: appropriate term for every-day use • Shange used the term colored because it evokes the violence of that phrase o Content/Storylines ▪ Stigma/masks • Abortion story
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