T D 301 Chapter 5: TD305 -Shange - Feminism- 2.8B

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Theatre and dance
T D 301

TD305 -Shange - Feminism- 2.8B o Was working in Berkeley ▪ Wrote 20 poems – no official order ▪ Shange and 4 other women first Performed them in a women’s bar in Berkeley • They were a hit ▪ Combined 20 poems in 1974 o Moved to NYC in 1975 ▪ First performed in bars ▪ Then moved to off-Broadway ▪ Broadway in 1976 • 742 shows • Highly awarded o Shange did an adaptation of Brecht in 1980 ▪ Brecht: theatre should ignite passion for social change ▪ Play about a poor woman who is pulling all the burdens of society • Shange adapted this play, it went on Broadway, won an OV- big deal • Brecht: white man, Shange: black woman o For colored girls: Choreopoem ▪ Choreopoem: • Poetry + dance + music + song • Nonverbal communication = verbal communication • a good way to look at intersectionality of black women • Ex: Formation- reflects for colored girls o Same black American vernacular o Empowers black culture o Beyonce: mega super star, super powerful ▪ Pop art o Shows a juxtaposition of high and low ▪ High: has a Givenchy dress ▪ Low: has hot sauce in her purse ▪ She’s showing that these are the same world o Empowering black women ▪ Non-verbal communication  verbal communication ▪ De-emphasis on plot and character • No character is more important than any other o Characters had no names, just a color o Each character had their ow
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