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LAT 101
Shelia Hood

Collection 8/28/13 12:40 PM Collection Collection Users can Collect posts into a printable, sortable format. Collections are a good way to organize posts for quick reading. A Collection must be created to tag posts. More Help Thread: 8/28/13 Posted Date: August 28, 2013 11:14 AM Post: 8/28/13 Status: Published Author: Kelly Austin Date: 8/28/13 Homework: Workbook Pages 8&9 #1-16. Also conjugate verbs Do, Dare (to give) and Terreo, Terrere (to frighten) Chapter 1: Verbs; First and Second Conjugations; Adverbs; Reading and Translating In Latin there are four principle parts but you only need to know the first and second for this semester 1. Amo Amare Amavi amatum (to love) 2. Moneo Monere Monui Monitum Conjugating: the forming of verbs in Latin I (singular) We (plural) You (singular) You all (plural) He, She, It (singular) They (plural) In Latin there are no pronouns but the ending of the verb determines the subject. O (m) mus Es Tis et Ent To form verbs nd 1. Go to the 2 principle part of the verb and take off the re to form the stem 2. Then add the endings to the steam Remember the present tense= the steam+personal ending of the verb https://ut.blackboard.com/webapps/discussionboard/do/message?actio…d=_25104_1&nav=discussion_board_entrPage 1 of 3N&requestType=print Collection 8/28/13 12:40 PM
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