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Chapter 1

Keys to the Study of Chemistry - Chapter 1 Notes

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CHEM 1610
Mike Mohajeri

11Chemistrystudy of matter and its properties changes and energy associated with changesMatteranything that has mass and volumeoSoliddefinite volume definite shapeoLiquiddefinite volume varying shapeoGasvarying volume varying shapeProperties of mattercharacteristics that give each substance its unique identityoPhysicalshown independently without interacting with or changing into another substancesHardness density viscosity color etcoChemicaloccur when interacting with or changing into another substancesFlammability corrosiveness reactivity with acidsChanges of matteroPhysicalphysical properties are altered but not compositionState changesPhysical changes caused by heating are usually reversible by coolingoChemical composition changes substance is converted into a different substancesChemical reactionEnergythe ability to do workoPotential energydue to an objects position relative to other objectsoKineticdue to an objects motionoEnergy is neither created nor destroyed only converted between formsoLowenergy situations are more stable and are favored over highenergy situations12Prechemical traditionsstoAlchemicalstudy of nature in 1 century ADConverting baser metals lead into purer ones goldMatter was altered magically
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