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Chapter 1

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PHYS 031
Jie Yang

Chapter 1: Concepts of Motion in One Dimension  Motion is the change of an object’s position overtime  Translational motion: linear, circular, and projectile, in which the object moves through space and the path along which the object moves is called its trajectory  Rotational motion: somewhat different than translational because rotation is a change of the object’s angular position  Motion Diagrams show all frames simultaneously & the same amount of time elapses between each image (same time interval)  Particle Models: use dots on a line instead of object; a simplification in which we treat a moving object as if all of its mass were concentrated in one single point (see figure)  Particle: an object that can be represented as a mass at a single point in space  Position versus time (vertical axis vs. horizontal axis) graphs show speed as slope  Scalar quantity: a physical quantity described by a single number with a unit; can be positive, negative, or zero  Vector quantity: a quantity having both size (magnitude) AND direction  Displacement: a change in position (a vector quantity) independent of the coordinate sys
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