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Chapter 5

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PHYS 031
Jie Yang

Chapter 5: Force & Motion Force: A push or pull on an object  Force is a vector; it has both magnitude and a direction  Force requires an agent; something has to be doing the pushing or pulling  Force is either a contact or long range force  A Short Catalog of Forces: “Gravity is absolutely down. Normal force is perpendicular. Frictional force is very peculiar. An object stays because of static friction. Kinetic friction is always opposite the motion.” o Gravity- a long-range force; object experiences the force without any contact o Spring force- a contact force; object experiences force only with a contact  A compressed spring exerts a pushing force on an object  A stretched string exerts a pulling force on an object o Tension- a contact force; object experiences the force through the contact with the string (pulling force)  Ex: rope exerts a tension force on the sled o Normal force- a contact force; an object experiences force through the contact with a surface (pushing); always perpendicular to the surface  The surface pushes outward against the bottom of the frog; the push is
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