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Chapter 4

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PHYS 031
Jie Yang

Chapter 4: Kinematics in Two Dimensions  Projectile motion is motion with constant acceleration in the x and y direction  x-direction is horizontal, while y-direction is vertical  x direction: 0 m/s² y direction: -9.8 m/s²  work in each direction separately o initial conditions for x-direction o initial conditions for y-direction Ex. # 1: A boy throws a shot-put with an initial velocity of 12 m/s 40 degrees above the horizontal 1.80 meters above the ground. How far does the shot-put travel? Draw a Picture Initial Conditions: Xₒ = 0 m Vₓₒ = Vₒcos(40) yₒ = H Vyₒ = Vₒsin(40) Final Conditions: x = ? 1) From initial position to maximum height (y-max) The time it takes is tᵢ At y-max, Vy = 0 Vy = Vyₒ-gt At y-max 0 = Vyₒ - gt y-max = H + Vyₒ - ½ gt
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